Benjamin Bernard Beard Oil

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Benjamin Bernard's Beard Conditioning Oil has been specifically formulated with natural ingredients to ensure that you beard receives the very best in care. Containing only the purest of natural ingredients there is no question that this product delivers superior results.

Here is a list of our beard oil ingredients:

  • Argan oil - widely used oil in the cosmetics industry and is also called liquid gold, it has excellent properties which make this an ideal natural moisturiser to deal with dead and flaky skin.
  • Avocado oil - extremely high absorption rate, which penetrates deep into follicles giving health and body to hair.
  • Jojoba oil - similar in nature to argan oil and is known for treating minor skin ailments. This is a trilogy that should not missed!

Here are some of the reasons why Benjamin Bernard is the best choice you will ever make:

Natural ingredients, including: jojoba oil, castor oil and the miracle of all oils - aelrgan oil Intensy hydrates skin and hair combrats bearduff. Beard oil also reduces unsightly tangles and reeduces bard itch which gives hair vitality and healthy glow.