Benjamin Bernard Beard Balm

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  • Formulated from natural ingredients including Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil
  • Perfect for styling and sculpting facial hair
  • Provides intense hydration all day long
  • Relives itchy and flaky skin from in and around the beard
  • 100 Gram tin last for months to come!

What Benjamin's Beard Balm Has to Offer

Benjamin Bernard beard balm infused is with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world in order to give you the best beard balm that we possibly can. Its rich formulae intensely hydrates the beard hairs from root to tip. The formulation has added beeswax perfect for binding the ingredients together for maximum effect.

Our beard balm is lightly scented with Sweet Almond which keeps your beard smelling great all day long. The balm is mouldable so, if you are feeling adventurous, Benjamin Bernard beard balm can be used as the perfect tailoring agent for any style you please.

Keep your beard soft, supple and smelling fantastic with Benjamin Bernard’s Beard Balm.