Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke was first worn by the famous Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck and has been a popular beard since its conception in 17th century. Van Dyck captured the beard in many of his paintings often portraying subjects with the very stylish beard, quite clearly a man of vanity also.

Modern society has embraced this beard, and similar to the Balbo, many a celebrity have chosen this beard as their style of facial hair, but potentially the Van Dyke can be mostly seen worn Johnny Depp.

How To Create the Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is also known as the “French Beard”  , but the two are interchangeable terms.

The Van Dyke is a cracking little beard and is essentially a uniquely artistic beard - yet simple!

The Van Dyke is actually two beards combined and is very often confused with a goatee in the realms of a beginner. The Van Dyke differs due to the fact that it includes a moustache, a goatee beard as well as a soul patch which simply refers to the hair which covers the chin.

The Van Dyke, or French Beard can be worn with a thin to medium moustache, but the thicker it becomes, the less prominent the beard will become.

The Van Dyke is often styled to a point at the moustache and the chin giving it a very stylish look. But a common variation is to wax the moustache and the beard to a point. The cheeks should be left completely clean shaven and be left with no hair at all.

It is also important to remember that French Beard should only cover the chin at the jawline which should contour to the face.

When thinking about the goatee section of the beard, think along the lines of an inverted triangle which will come to a point in the centre of the beard.

Avoid growing long sideburns fi you are growing a Van Dyke, as typically it will not suit the overall look of the beard.

The length of the beard is essentially up to yourself, some men prefer the goatee and soul patch to grow long, whilst others, prefer the shorter neater look.

The Van Dyke tends to work well within a professional environment due to its smart appearance, so if you are considering a beard in the office, this is a good choice.