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Circular Beard

A circular beard is similar in nature to the goatee; although, the circular beard incorporates a moustache which joins the upper lip to make one beard rather than two/three, this would be called a Balbo beard. The circular beard is a beautifully sophisticated piece with elegance, grace and an air of refinement – if kept properly.

The circular beard has a long history and has been proven time and time again throughout many a decade. No matter age race or credence, this beard has always won hearts and minds.

The circular beard has been adorned by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West and the legend – Denzel Washington. For men with a slightly softer jaw line, this is the perfect beard, but it is a little higher maintenance than what you would expect. This is particularly the case when compared with something such as a goatee.

The reason being, it takes a little skill and patience to master the art of shaping and trimming.

When growing a circular beard, you want to be conscious of the shape of the sides, they must extend down past the lips to the chin and can be either rounded or straight, it depends on your face shape.

This subtle beard can give the face a more rounded appearance and can actually give the impression that you (the bearder) are heavier than what you may actually be, in other words it can make you look fat!

With this in mind, when trimming a circular beard, keep the tops and bottom rounded and straighten the sides, but if you have a skinny face this may have the opposite effect and give you the long drawn gaunt look – not ideal.

 Strictly speaking the perfect circular beard forms a perfect “O”, as but we are all different, and some of us basically just can’t manage the perfect doughnut. Don’t beat yourself up too much if this is the case, there are other styles which may be more suitable.

What’s so great about the circular beard? You have a fair amount of flexibility in the way you wear it, and the hair under your bottom lip is your oyster. Why not try a subtle thin soul patch, or go for a slightly thicker patch – it’s up to you. Just remember to be consistent and keep it well maintained.

The circular beard is also a universally accepted piece from the university professor to the tattoo artist down the road. In fact, the circular beard is very popular in the office as it allows you to maintain a bit of growth, but without an unruly bush growing from your face.

Remember, the circular beard focuses the eye upon a very small area of the face, so make certain that you’re looking your best!