Beards Rule! | Benjamin Bernard

Beards Rule!

Benjamin Bernard’s beard oil, balm and conditioner – for real me! It is time gents,  time to seize the moment, its time to seize the day! Declare your masculinity to one and all.

Good news fellow bearded gents, the beard is back, oh yes… The beard is once again fashionable. But with a beard comes considerable responsibility, we need to be strong in the face or our non-bearded advisories, we must unite and show all non-beardsmen around the world that beard is back and not going anywhere.

Benjamin Bernards beard products are crafted from the finest essential ingredients including argan oil, jojoba which help nourish, moisturise and soften your beardage and reduce beard-angst. The oils provide the bearded warrior with the confidence to wear his beard with pride, sophistication and, in all honesty, just make you look cool.