Beard Styles

Beards have been the lifeblood of many a civilisation throughout many an age! Facial gruff has been practical, yet stylish. It’s been symbolic and of power and authority yet paradoxically attributed to the down and out life of grime and crime. But psst…. The beard is back and truly rocking, and not just with you hipsters out there!

Beards have been enshrined in history for millions of years and history has observed many a beard-age since the beginning of time.

Hinduism for example, one of the oldest religions in the world’s practitioners sported beards. As well as Judaism, Sikhism and Catholicism to name but a few, and beards are very prominent and still highly regarded in Islam and thought the Muslim community.

Over the centuries many beard styles have been not only celebrated, but in fact they have been seen as a prerequisite of life!

Take for example the Egyptians, kings grew long beards which were oiled daily, laced, powdered with gold and silver and were regarded as a symbol of power and authority.

Interestingly, Egyptian Queens would wear clip-on beards to demonstrate their authority and power, personally, I prefer my queen without a beard, but each to their own!

So as you can imagine with beards so deeply soaked in history, it is not surprising to find that beards come in all shapes and sizes from every continent of the world each with its distinct and defining features.