Balbo Beard - Be In The Know

The Balbo has had somewhat of a checkered past having first been represented by the Italian fascist and military leader “Italio Balbo” who’s reign was prevalent during the First World War. In fact, it Balbo was the right hand man to Mussolini.

Despite the fraught past of this piece, we must highlight that this is a great beard, and although a beard says a lot about a man, it certainly doesn’t say fascist leader!

There have been other beards which have been sported by other political powers, such as the classic toothbrush moustache, which has not quite caught on in recent years. This begs the question...

What makes this beard so popular?

Celebrity endorsement my friends. The Balbo has come up trumps and negated the backlash as our Hollywood counterparts have taken a particular shine to the Balbo. We have seen the Balbo within the likes of David Beckham and potentially the most infamous Robert Downey, Jr. The Balbo is what we would refer to as a traditional beard, as we have described it has had a long history.

The Balbo works well in both formal and informal situations and can easily be formed from full beard growth, in fact, unless you have full beard growth, we would recommend that you attempt another style. The Balbo really works well for men whom have quite a skinny face and would like to add a little frame to it.

For the Balbo to work we would recommend around 1/4 – 1/2 of an inch, that way you will have good coverage and your beard should look fairly full.

The Balbo has been worn by the likes of Johnny Depp after he ditched the circular beard, so fret not, this beard is certainly still stylish despite its history.


The Balbo beard is really three beards combined into one, the goatee, the soul patch and the moustache, but its definition is that there is around a 1/4 inch gap shaved between the goatee and the moustache leaving two clean shaven strips between these parts.

Another way to think of the Balbo is more of an intervened “T” from your lip to chin with a moustache.