About Us

Benjamin Bernard was created in 2015 because of the crying demand from distinguished gentleman of the UK looking for superior beard and moustache care products.

There are plenty of beard oils on the market, but Benjamin Bernard are setting the bar higher. We had decided that, being bearded avengers ourselves, we would be perfectly suited to the job of taking beard care to a new level.

We wanted to unlock the secret to a perfectly groomed beard. After years of research, from a very practical perspective, we spent our days grooming and nurturing a 5 o’clock shadow - fledging from its conception to carrying the torch for beardies all over the world. There were many tough days, the odd looks, the unbearable itch and an almost fusty stench of stale milk – yum!

Some of us even achieved the ultimate goal of Gandalf the Great!  Sure, we had some casualties along the way, some of our fellow beardsmen just couldn’t handle the pressure, some of our counterparts had simply become victim of an overzealous barber.

Growing a great beard has been a life-long ambition for many of our employees, and upon reflection, growing a beard has been a magnificent experience. Our journeys have been very different from each other, each with our own challenges, trials and tests to our commitment.

Many of us have quickly come to realise that only the bearded kind will truly respect the grip of an infant, as it literally tries to rip the hair from your face with ferocity and terror in its eyes!

With our bearded wizardry we have been formulating, brewing and sacrificing, blood, sweat, tears and beard hair for all of you beard lovers out there to consolidate the myths of beards being unhygienic or dirty. The Benjamin Bernard beard oil will deliver a more refined beard, such that is it be more lavish than a Saville Row suite.

We also have a great section on beard styles a beard, you should totally check it out.

Just thought we’d let you know, the only animals that our products have ever been tested on is the homosapien – no other beards will do!