Wax Pomade 100ml

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We've taken beards to the next level in grooming and suaveness, now it's time to work on the hair! Achieve a sharp, dapper look with Benjamin Bernard's Wax Pomade.

Versatile strong hair wax for men can manipulate your hair into whatever style your heart desires. Work a small amount of hair styling product through dry hair for natural volume or use more generously on wet/damp hair for a sleek and shiny slick back or classic pompadour with high shine and high hold.

Leaves behind no sticky residue, just a hint of superb masculine fragrance to make sure not only do you look great, you smell fresh too.

Take your hair from ordinary to the extraordinary with our beeswax hair pomade. Strong yet flexible hold for maximum control and volume boost, lock in your chosen style and you're good to go!

And when you're done looking good for the day? It's water soluble so it will wash right out.

So what are you waiting for? Experience classic grooming made easy for yourself with Benjamin Bernard's Strong Wax Pomade for men.

  • Your Answer for High Shine, Strong Hold: Benjamin Bernard's Pomade for men offers extreme hold for incredible definition with a super shine finish
  • Get a Hairdo That Turns Heads: Maximum hold pomade wax is superb for creating skyscraper pomps and slick backs with real staying power
  • Look Barbershop Fresh Every Day: Whether it's the timeless slick back look, the classic Teddy Boy cut or the modern pomp & fade style, Benjamin Bernard's hair pomade wax can do it all
  • Versatile Wax Pomade For Every Look: Beeswax pomade can be worked through dry hair for a natural satin finish, or used on damp hair for the super sleek, shiny look
  • Your Hairstyle, Done Right: Use hair pomade for thick hair, thin hair; straight or curly, for modern or classic looks - we've got your style covered!

Use your fingertips to run a sufficient amount of product evenly through wet or dry hair. Work hair into desired style using hands or hair comb.