Embossed Beard Comb

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Combing your beard correctly is essential for that 'well-groomed' look. Beard grooming makes your beard appear thicker and fuller, and trains your moustache hair to grow around and away from your mouth to prevent unsightly food particles. It also ensures beard oil or balm is evenly distributed, moisturising your skin and hair from root to tip.

Our best beard comb is the perfect size for hassle-free daily grooming. Made from high quality Walnut wood to ensure no static build up in the beard hair, with rounded teeth for snag and scratch-free, gentle use.

Don't forget to start your beard care regime with Benjamin Bernard's Beard Wash, followed by Benjamin Bernard's Beard Oil or Balm to be used with your new Benjamin Bernard's Beard Comb!

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to a better beard and check out the rest of the Benjamin Bernard Beard Range today!