The Top Celebrity Beards

We have plenty to be thankful for when it comes to celebrities. The fact that they let us watch them do unspeakable things in the jungle, or that occasionally they’ll stop and pose with us for a selfie. Most of all, we have to thank them for their beards. Without them giving beards exposure in the mainstream media, we’d have no idea where to get our beard styling tips. With this in mind, let us share our favourite celebrity bearded fellows.

Robert Downey Jr.

As The Avengers’ Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. rocks the Balbo beard. He plays a billionaire, playboy philanthropist and this beard is the perfect fit – precise, elegant and angularly attractive. It’s no wonder he keeps this look even when he’s on civilian duty. Once you’ve gone Balbo, it’s hard to go back to being an ordinary human.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Di Caprio is usually seen sporting one of those tiny, almost pointless, wispy beards. It’s hardly even a beard - it’s more like the ghost of a beard. But for The Revenant, he went all out with a full-on, unkempt, glorious bush. True enough, it’s all part of a wilderness, survival drama where he would be unlikely to get access to razor blades or any kind of trimmer, but that doesn’t take away from the accomplishment of growing a very impressive beard. We never knew you had it in you Leo.

Gary Lineker

The former England captain was always baby-faced but into his 50s and something strange appeared on his face. True, he may look a little bit like the Sheriff of Nottingham but that only serves to add a more ambiguous edge to his Mr Nice Guy image. In fact, with a beard, he’s become incredibly unpredictable. Perhaps he’ll start talking about ice hockey instead of football; you just can’t tell with Gary any more.

Mark Hamill

There’s something of a trend for nostalgia-based movie reboots as Mark Hamill has learned to his benefit. It’s great to be back in the company of the characters that you loved so much when you were younger but it can make you feel a little sad when you see them looking so old and tired. So what’s the solution? Well, it’s a beard of course. By transforming his look with a beard, we’re no longer looking through the lines to see the young man we once knew, instead we see a wise and mighty Jedi, with the power to look incredible with a beard.

Seth Rogen

Seth proves that you don’t have to be good looking to be a movie star and also that you don’t really need to make any effort with a beard. All you need is to let that stubble grow and show the world that no matter how slobby you might be, your ability to grow a beard means that you’re someone extra special too.

David Beckham

What can we say about Becks that hasn’t already been uttered? He’s a style icon and no matter what he grows on his face, the crowds are sure to follow. Sure, his trademark stubble may be a little clichéd but he was the man that others followed in the first place. In recent times he’s rocked a fuller beard but really he can do what he likes. If he decided to make his face stripey, we’d probably do the same. He truly is a bearded icon.