Why Grow a Beard?

Thinking about it closely, growing a beard was just something that had happened. When I was younger, I wanted to look a little older to attract older girls. At the time, I qualified a few specs of light chin fluff as a full-on beard, but age had taught me well.

Beards Have Pulling Power!

There have been many studies carried out surveying the general public of why we grow beards, but there are also lots of theories from authors and even academics and psychologists about beards, and how they portray men and, equally, how men with beards are portrayed by women.

So again I reflect – “why did I grow a beard?” the answer is quite simple really – to pull. Girls were what was on my teenage mind, and not much has changed if I am completely honest. But will a beard really help you get the girl?

Not exactly – much to my dismay! A UK study revealed that only 35% of females actually prefer a beard, the rest, well they just don’t appreciate what a handsome man really is! Furthermore, another survey carried out by the Journal Behavioral Ecology, selected 19 men which they challenged to grow beards for 6 weeks whilst being photographed. These before and after shots were presented to 200 women to rate - both bearded and non-bearded.

The study revealed that bearded images made the men look older and angrier, but in contrast they had also highlighted that they perceived them to be of a higher social class and commanded more respect – I always thought women prefer older rich men, but you learn something new every day.

Interestingly, anger is perceived to be the most dominant of the social emotions, therefore, combined with the masculinity of a beard really gives men a look of social dominance, power and authority. There was actually findings that reported that men with beards were 45% more likely to engage in a combat situation compared with only 29% of men whom don’t sport a beard. I had always looked at a beard as a handicap in a fight, seriously, it hurts when someone pulls on it, but apparently not. Fighting with a beard is actually thought to display further dominance as men with beards have more to loose, but are still willing to put up a good scrap!

Do Beards Increase Pulling Power?

The majority of studies that we have examined for men wanting to grow beards, has been exactly the same as my reasoning – to get more women! But studies also reveal that men with beards are also far more likely to cheat -even steal, and that women are also less attracted to men with beards! Now this is just something of a fallacy, we need to change these perceptions.

Beards are big, bold, masculine and they look awesome. It’s about time that the world realised that, but it’s up to us men to change perceptions, we need to show the world what having a beard is really about.

Sure we can tick the masculinity boxes, but let’s shake the aggression and all of the bad traits, let’s show the world that bearded men are actually just clean shaven men encapsulated inside a hairy body, we’re not bad, in fact we are great! And having a beard is much more than advertising our masculinity, they are actually very useful,

here are just some of the reasons why men should have beards:

They make make great bowls:

 We can hold drinks in our beards:


We can hold drinks in our beards: We can write love notes:

But there are some serious benefits too, beards can reduce the harmful UV rays which are known to cause skin cancer by up to 90%, further to this, skin is not being damaged by the sun therefore looks younger for longer – 100% pure natural and free skin care!

Hair follicles can cause irritation and even infections if they are in growing therefore, with a beard we are less likely to suffer from ingrowing hairs – see another great reason for a beard.

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