Put The Glitter Back Into Your Life

We are close to the end of Movember, and fast approaching the Christmas period – that was quick. And with the festive period looming we are seeing more men shamelessly taking to adding a little dazzle to their beard - and why not, may I ask?

We can’t talk about beard tends without highlighting two men whom are behind nearly all of the beard decorating trends, the revolutionary artists and Brian DeLaurenti and Jonathan Dahl – AKA the Gay Beards, have masterminded another beautiful creation – the Glitter beard.

These fantastic pair of beards from Portland, Oregon are no strangers to trendsetting, just take a look at their infamous Instagram channel. Here are some of our personal favourites:

Now typically growing a beard is more of a time saving measure – i.e. an extra 20 mins in bed, but not for these two, these two actually compose a beard for every occasion!

So with this in mind forefront of your mind, their latest creation is, as previously mentioned, a glitter beard – so what actually is a glitter beard?

The Glitter Beard, Oh Yes...

It is pretty much as it sounds, it is a beard that has been adorned in glitter.

Many believe that that the beard has been ruined by the fact that it is a fashion statement, but I disagree, the beard in its self is not a fashion statement, it is a way of life. Glitter beards? Now that is a fashion statement! So let’s see some glitter beards doing the rounds on social.

The artist’s latest trend settings statement has grown arms and legs, and do you know, what? It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest! These two guys are icons.

As you can see glitter is a big deal, partly due to its relative ease, weaving flowers into a beard is no easy task.

So since we’ve been discussing a guide to creating your very own glittering beard.

First and foremost, glitter has to stick to something, now glue could be a solution, but we would highly advise against this tactic, but saying that, stupider things have been done for sure! Oh forgot to mention, before even thinking about adding glitter, make sure your beard is clean and fresh.

We would recommend using either beard oil or beard balm to coat the beard, two of the greatest products ever invited for beards, well except from those Christmas baubles, they are top my Christmas list any day.

Be sure to shape your beard prior to the application of the glitter, this should be done in conjunction with the oil or balm. Sculpt, style and liberally cover your beard in glitter. Now believe it or not, glitter comes in various sizes – which some of you may be aware of, so don’t go for chunky glitter, it just doesn’t work fine all that well. Personally I find that the glitter works quite well, but avoid the micro-fine, or you will literally be pulling tiny specs of glitter out of your beard until the end of time.

Once the glitter has been applied, spray a fine layer of setting spray or hair spray, this will reduce the chasm of glitter which will inevitably fall from your beard every time you move, talk or even breathe. Oh just to let you know, if you glitter your beard, you will be finding glitter at every turn, on your body, clothes, crevices and pretty much everywhere for months to come, so use with caution.

Here is a guide from the inventors themselves.

And if you think that glittering your beard is not manly enough for you, well here’s a fact. The word glitter actually stems from the Norse word “glitra”, so the Vikings were well used to a little sparkle and dazzle in their life too.

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