Do Beards Have Personalities? October 23, 2015 11:29

Beard  Personalities


We all know it, but it’s finally been confirmed… “Inside every clean-shaven man, there is a beard screaming to be let out,” a true scholar to beardsmen everywhere - Robert J. Pellegrini.

The issue is; we are not all made equal, some of us, unfortunately suffer from not being quite as able as others to grow a full beard and wear it with pride. This in turn has led to many beard styles over the centuries. There have been lots of styles come and go, each and every style of beard has its own personality look, definition and meaning.

Some are more suave and sophisticated, others may be more along the lines of a masculine rouge ready for what the world has to throw at him. Everyone, be it bearded or not see the power of a beard by simply being in a room with a beard - they speak volumes.

 Wild Child

The Wild Child are a special breed, back to nature types, real outdoor woodsmen. The Wild Child is quite a difficult look to pull off and typically is not observed in an urban setting, why? Well as we say, it’s the outdoors type of guys who like it – think along the lines of hunter/gathers. Not really the young professional white collar guy. More braces, boots, turn-up jeans and a woolly hat, you know who I’m talking about.

These men tend to congregate together, jobs, relationships and their life tends to amalgamate into the lifestyle. A caveat to the stereotype… A broken man, often during times of sadness, the loss of a loved one or a relationship breakdown, men often temporarily see it fit to resume the natural was of the wild child, bin the razor and let nature take its course.

The Distinguished Gentleman

The Distinguished Gentleman certainly has that aire of just, a slight arrogance and a meticulously high attention to detail, that as such of an Academic. This man is comfortable where he is in life, he knows his place and certainly does not bother about what others may think of him. He oozes a certain maturity which is evident upon entering the room – a presence shall we say. Now don’t be fooled into thinking that this full beard is similar to the Wild Child, no no no. The Distinguished Gentleman labours over his beard, he puts time, attention and a great deal of effort into maintaining the perfectly formed bristly mirage. The Distinguished Gentleman is an absolute gent and a scholar - respect him.

The Shape Shifter

The T-1,000 of the beard world, (if you don’t know who T-1,000 is, your clearly not old enough to have a beard). They don’t want to commit to anything, but are determined when they put their mind to it. Shape Shifters, typically take many forms, facial hair, hair styles, fashion trends – you name it. Now this man is a charmer; he is slightly aloof and fits into many situations, so has to adapt quickly to integrate. You’re thinking beard?

What beard does the Shape Shifter have? Ladies and gents, hold on to your socks – a Goatee. Yup quite a simple beard which had its time in the sun in the early 90’s but works well for anyone not wanting to commit to a real beard. The goatee is essentially placeholder content for the face, easily removed if the feeling takes his fancy, but likewise, works as a gateway to a full beard.


The chin strap is the Beardicissist of the beard world, they want to take things that one step further, they want to be the centre of attention and what better way than spending 95% of your time on the thing that you love most, your beloved self! The chin straps tend to be worn by athletic types, or just those who are extraordinarily vain. Either that or you are Amish, but either way the chins strap is quite a difficult beard to maintain.

    The Cocky Hipster

      The dictionary classifies Hipsters as “a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter” Make of that as you will, but the hipsters of late are not your classic “v-neck sweater” wearing skinny jeans boys anymore, well ok, maybe the “v-necks” are out, but not the spray on jeans – unfortunately. What’s interesting about the hipster is that although they do not follow the “mainstream” norm, the hipster conform to fashion that has overlapped the underground subculture and is now the mainstream – the irony! So, back to the point, the hipster beard… I use the term “beard” in loose translation. It’s generally seen more as moustache. The hipster moustache is often sported in jest, but remains a staple and can typically be associated with 70’s porn tache, other tache styles observed could be more along the lines of the classic handlebar.

      There you go, these are a small snippet of beards that and personalities that sport them. Are you looking for a style to suit you? Check out our beard style guide.

      Hey don’t forget to leave a comment, what do you think your beard says about you?