Homemade Beard Oils V’s Branded

There are some really fantastic resourceful individuals in this world (most of them are customers of ours ;) We like to think that we are too, and this is essentially where we started our beard oil company, the wilderness, hunting and catching wild bore with our bear hands with only our beards to keep us from the biting winds! Ok,  possibly that may have been a slight exaggeration.

The Beginning

Or humble beginnings started as with any bearded mans quest, we wanted to find a solution to the terror on our children’s faces as our bristly whiskers grew ever closer to the sensitive baby soft skin of our kin as we leant in for a good night kiss. We were also slightly concerned at the rather pungent stench of decaying food and a never ending effluvium of souring milk to which our nostrils were subject on a daily basis. With this in mind a few friends and myself and, a special appearance from Gentleman Jack and his bourbon friends, we had a great idea and decided to begin our adventure on making our own beard oil!

Like real men, we opened the laptop and turned to the wise owl Google and began our search through the thousands and thousands of the pages on “DIY Beard Oil”. We quickly discovered that there are hundreds if not thousands of recipes.  With vary degrees of “success” (we use that term loosely in these parts) we finally created a product that was not only kind to the naval cavity but would reframe from removing a layer of epidermis!

Easy Ride?

So with none of us being particularly great aroma therapists, nor chemists for that matter, we started experimenting with various concoctions of carrier oils and essential oils. Yes these are different oils with different purposes. Quickly we learned that producing our own beard oil without the expertise of a master blender is actually more difficult than what we had anticipated!

We spent many a night fighting with various mixtures and concoctions, some worked brilliantly, others? Well let’s just say no one was in a hurry to spread some of our weird oils on our beards never mind actually putting it into production!

Mix and Match for the Perfect Blend

The beginning was a bit of gamble, we spent a fortune on varying oils of compress, grade and quality, not to mention type. Almond, apricot, grapeseed, pecan, sunflower, rose hip and many others. We battled with storing these oils. (if not stored properly they can become rancid) we experimented with scented and non-scented, the list went on and on!

Did you know that if the weight of a molecule exceeds 500 then it is unlikely to pass through the skin? Neither did I, but if you did, are you looking for a job?

After we figured out the secrets to storage, we then began to experiment with viscosity, absorption rates and residue levels. Since concocting our own home brews we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of chemistry. We have a deep understanding of how molecule diffusion occurs via skin, hair follicles and the sebaceous glands and how each of these oils interact. We understand how hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds differ in the rate of absorption and their appropriate use.

Benjamin Bernard’s beard  oil has been formulated using what we found to be the best mix for all skin and beard hair types with the two main carrier oils being Argan oil which is rich in ferulic acids, eight essential fatty acids, carotenoids, anti-oxidants, sterols, saponins and polyphones. The second carrier oil used in Benjamin Bernard is Jojoba oil which is again has excellent hair and skin benefits including replenishing moisture and softening of tough bristly hair. We use pure Jojoba oil in our beard oil and do not replace it with the cheaper alternative of jojoba flour which is commonplace.

Should I go with Making my Own or Buy a Branded Oil?

We really enjoyed making our own oils when starting out, and as much the business essentially came from a bottle of Jack and freezer full of ice-cubes, it was only really meant to be a hobby. Making weird and wonderful mixtures is a lot of fun, but once you start to calculate the expense of producing your own beard oils compared with going with brand you will quickly realise that commercial beard oils are a more viable option.

Commercial beard oils have been manufactured using years of experience to match the perfect blend of carrier oils and mineral oils which are meticulously calculated in order to maintain a main at optimal vigour, depth and manliness.

Some of the main problems that you’ll face with your home made brew is the reliability of the oil, the majority of our issues stemmed from the fact that we were completely unable to create an oil which would maintain a mans main throughout the day keeping it soft and supple. Home brews often do not have the staying power and longevity of the commercial oils and they often have the opposite effect and dry out the beard – not a good look for the urban beardsman!

So we would recommend that if you are feeling adventurous, go with it, make your own, but be sure that you have reliable source on the shelf for when it all goes wrong!

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