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Why Grow a Beard? January 05, 2016 10:36

Thinking about it closely, growing a beard was just something that had happened. When I was younger, I wanted to look a little older to attract older girls. At the time, I qualified a few specs of light chin fluff as a full-on beard, but age had taught me well. Beards Have Pulling Power! There have been many studies carried out surveying the general public of why we grow beards, but there are also lots of theories from authors and even academics and psychologists about beards, and how they portray men and, equally, how men with beards are portrayed by...

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Finding The Perfect Beard to Suit Your Face - Beard Styles for Men December 29, 2015 09:18

We can all agree that beards are wonderful and facial hair adds a certain suave sophistication to the face of any fellow. That’s not to say you can just stop shaving and hope for the best, beard styles for men are certainly something to be taken seriously. In order to grow a beard that really works, you have to pick a style that suits the shape of your face. Choose the wrong beard variation and you could end up looking unattractive and potentially give a bad name to bearded men everywhere. It’s all about creating the right beard balance. Here...

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Top Beard Styles For 2016 December 21, 2015 11:06

There had been rumours that 2015 saw the world reach “peak beard”; the saturation point for men with beards. Here at Benjamin Bernard’s, we simply don’t believe this is true and the beard will continue to thrive throughout 2016. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then you better make sure you have the perfect beard to suit your face. Frankly, the full bushy unkempt bush look is no longer acceptable. So without further ado, read our top beard trends of 2016 to find the perfect face fuzz for the next 12 months. The Tight beard If...

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Put The Glitter Back Into Your Life November 24, 2015 12:27

We are close to the end of Movember, and fast approaching the Christmas period – that was quick. And with the festive period looming we are seeing more men shamelessly taking to adding a little dazzle to their beard - and why not, may I ask? We can’t talk about beard tends without highlighting two men whom are behind nearly all of the beard decorating trends, the revolutionary artists and Brian DeLaurenti and Jonathan Dahl – AKA the Gay Beards, have masterminded another beautiful creation – the Glitter beard. These fantastic pair of beards from Portland, Oregon are no strangers to...

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